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Latest News: TMF RA Survey 2016 – Participate Now!

16 November 2015

A fuller update is due to you all soon and will include the links to the various presentations from last Thursday’s excellent meeting.

In the meantime and as discussed on the day, the window for participation in the latest TMF RA Survey is closing fast.  The more contribute to this survey, the better the inclusion of opinions and views to help our brothers in arms in the TMF and RA in general.  There is limited time to join in, and the closing date is 30th November.

It’s the least we can do after Rene flew over just for us.  He says “Take the survey now! Then compare with others and receive strategic input to increase your relevance for your company”.  The link is below.
Revenue Assurance Survey 2016
If you wanted some additional context and a reminder for Rene’s presentation on the last survey results, click here to access a copy from the RAG website.

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